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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you." - Jeremiah 29:11-12 NIV

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Delphine talk to the body?

While looking at you, Delphine connects to the still small voice of God within you. Intuitively she asks the body questions regarding your health issues and answers are given. Through applied kinesiology (surrogate muscle testing), confirmation is received. Often, clients cry with relief after finally getting answers when no one else could help. Delphine's testing is more sensitive than the medical system. Why? Because she works on the cause not the symptom.

What do headaches, bee stings, small breasts have in common?

Blood quality is suspect. For example: A client suffered with headaches night and day for seven years; and doctors offered no help. When asked, her body needed wheatgrass every morning. After three days she was overjoyed - the first time she woke without a headache!

Can you help these hot flashes?

Delphine's experience shows hot flashes are not hormonal - but indicate not having enough blood. Ladies, when you have a hot flash recall what you did the day before; you were probably too busy, working too hard and don`t give your body time to rest! Lay down 20 minutes after your last meal for 1-3 weeks to correct. No TV. Try it.

What relieves my Fibromyalgia and Insomnia?

Years of testing by Delphine knows stomach issues and digestive problems contribute. Clean up these issues to sleep better and relieve muscle pain!

Is there any comfort for my prostate issues?

Delphine non-invasively checks everything that pertains to bowel and urinary systems, including enlarged prostate and PSA levels. The body always knows what it needs to go back to normal and perfect health: perhaps supplements, exercises, water, food or drink would bring relief. Ask the body, it knows how to heal itself.

What supports Alzheimer's or dementia brain function?

Constipation and dehydration are suspect. Delphine's clients find colonics and drinking water before meals, along with supporting the brain's master reflex offers great improvement.

What might talking-to-my body suggest for cancerous tumors?

The answer comes from what are you eating, taking or doing that is feeding it. Possibly no meat, herbal tea, certain grains daily, and weekly colonics, removing harsh cleaners from the house, drinking different water, or even resting more may be your personal remedy. After going through two rounds of chemotherapy a gentleman was referred to Delphine. After following everything his body asked for: he was free of cancer in two months. After two months, Delphine checked him and realized the cancer had returned but he felt great. What he needed to keep the cancer away was simply to rest after lunch each day. This supported his body to control cancer. This certainly was one of many miracles that happened over the years. Just listen to your body! It knows what it needs to regain health.

I've had a stroke - how quickly might I experience results?

Both in August 2002 and March 2004 stroke clients with 70-80% blocked capillaries were muscle tested by Delphine. After listening to their bodies and taking certain enzymes, within 6 months their capillaries were opened. This is stroke prevention!

What kinds of things might my body ask for to be healthier?

Read about this here: Appointments

What might support my loss in bone density?

Calcium is usually what the body wants when your bones are porous. Delphine works off a product list with over 30 kinds of calcium. If needed, you purchase from your favourite health food store.

Can bypass heart surgery and stints really become unnecessary?

In two months, a gentleman's 70% clogged arteries were completely open just by taking a supplement his body asked for. As you consistently take products your body wants, arteries can be opened safely in 3-4 months without invasive surgery. Success rate it very high using this method of asking the body.

How does aging affect my chance of cancelling heart surgery?

After sessions with Delphine from August - December, 2000 scheduled heart surgery was cancelled for an 80-year old lady. With extremely low body reflexes, prolapsed organs and many nutritional needs, her strength was regained after just one month of local health store supplies. Later, colonics and a liver cleanse purified her with weekly improvements. Doctors re-checked her heart.. the verdict: a very clean heart, in good shape! Thank God, no surgery was needed. This lady spent less on herself than if she would have had her car motor overhauled. Just think of the savings to her and the health care system! Besides the client not having to suffer the agony of surgery and recuperation, this method of wellness, freed up much needed hospital beds and eliminated hours of work for surgeons, doctors and nurses.

What does a session with Delphine entail?

Read all about this here: Appointments

What justifies Delphine's fees?

Talking to your body, Delphine's gift from God, swiftly discovers what it needs to bring you back to health. Intuitively, she offers the most thorough physical evaluation you've had, non-invasive and accurate investigations, skeleton & organ alignments, supplement suitability and personalized explanations & recommendations. You feel truly heard, and can resolve those 'just-gotta-live-with-it' issues. Her well-refined process eliminates any guess work. Often, what is needed is already in your kitchen cupboards or in a health or grocery store close by. (Delphine sells no products!) By knowing exactly what your body needs to heal, you save money, time and frustration! And, you can stop bringing advertised miracle products home to clutter your shelves (when they don't work for you).

When you take responsibility for your own health hospitals, doctors, staff, and waiting rooms can fill with more urgent matters. Making healthy changes is simple and straight forward as long as you choose to follow what the body wants and has asked for. Clients continually phone within a few days of their appointment to say how much better they're feeling. Following a program tested and individualized to your needs brings healthier results quickly.

Delphine's Natural Health makes a difference and replaces: "No one else has been able to help me!" Let our testimonials inspire what's possible for you.

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