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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you." - Jeremiah 29:11-12 NIV

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In May 2012 I was working in Toronto and did a radio interview that I am thrilled to post. I hope you enjoy it.
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Free Natural Health Information

Master Cleanse

You probably have already heard of the Master Cleanse if you are at all interested in your health. Over the years of asking the body what is the best length of time for the Master Cleanse differs from the standard procedure. I have found that most bodies will ask for only 3 days or 72 hours of fasting and cleansing not the standard 10 days.

The body loves to fast and give the digestive tract a rest. I feel this cleanse is also most important to clean the small intestine.

The hardest job the body has is to digest food and by giving it a rest for 3 days is a wonderful rejuvenation for your entire system. More than 3 days and your body may go into starvation mode and your metabolism may be compromised.

Here is my recipe for the Master Cleanse:

Use only fresh organic lemons, pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper and fresh water. I usually go by taste with the measurements but the basic guide is 2 tbsp of fresh lemon juice, 1 tbsp of maple syrup, tsp of cayenne pepper into 4 cups of water.

I like to make it as hot with cayenne as I can. If it is burning as you have bowel movements that may mean you have an infection in the body and as you continue using the cayenne it will clear it. Use common sense if it hurts too much use less.

Only drink this drink or some herbal tea throughout the day. No food unless you need it for taking medicine or feeling you need something. Listen to your body. You don't want to be feeling ill. Don't plan a very busy schedule during the Master Cleanse but stay busy. It is surprising how much free time we have when we are not preparing food or eating.

I use this cleanse a few times a year. When I feel I am eating too much or craving too many sweets or simply always eating wanting something more and not being satisfied I do the Master Cleanse. It settles me down and puts everything into perspective again.

Good luck and good health.

Remember your health is your right and your responsibility.

Oil Therapy

I was given this paper a few years ago and put it on my site and many people have tried it and enjoyed the results. I hope you do - Delphine

From the Academy of Science in USSR

An extremely simple healing process using Sunflower oil, was presented to the conference of the All-Ukranian Association for Oncology and Bacteriology, by Dr. Karach.

The findings of the healing process resulted in surprise and doubts regarding the contents of the lecture, but after testing of this oil therapy everyone can convince themselves of the validity of his argument by testing it on their own body. It is more than astonishing that such health results can be achieved with this totally harmless biological method, results which are without comparison. This simple method makes it possible not only to treat various illnesses but also to completely cure them without the aid of surgery or the use of medications, which often result in dangerous side affects. Dr. Karach further elaborated that the basic foundation of this healing technique is simply the swirling of the oil in the mouth cavity. With this method it is possible to heal cells, tissue and all other human organs. This technique will destroy the micro flora, which causes the destruction of the human organism. The micro flora upsets the equilibrium of the human body and consequently its life span. It is suspected that man lives only half as long as possible. He should live to become 140 to 150 years old.

In this way one can fully heal: Headaches, Bronchitis, Toothache, Thrombosis, Chronic Blood Disease, Arthrosis, Paralysis, Eczema, Ulcers, Intestinal Infections, Heart and Kidney Ailments, Encephalitis and Female Disorders. One can also prevent the formation and cure of the life threatening deformities such as: Chronic Blood Disease, Paralysis, Nervous Disorders, Stomach Problems, Lung and Liver Disease and Chronic Insomnia.

The treatment described here heals the whole organism at the same time. It also prevents the start of life threatening conditions. In this way I completely healed my chronic blood disease, which I suffered from for the last 15 years. I also recovered in 3 days from hardening of the arteries.

Oil Treatment Instructions

Start with 1/2 teaspoon of any vegetable oil (cold pressed sunflower oil is preferred). Increase to 1-2 teaspoons as you feel ready. Swish it slowly in your mouth and suck it through your teeth for 15 to 20 minutes daily. Under No Circumstances is the fluid to be swallowed. At first it is quite viscous but soon it gets thinner after which it is spat out. The emitted fluid is supposed to be white as milk. If it is yellow, it had not been kept in the mouth long enough.

After having spat out, rinse the mouth several times with fresh water and brush your teeth. You may rinse your mouth out with liquid chlorophyll. The emitted fluid is very poisonous (so to speak) so that the basin is to be cleaned thoroughly afterwards. The fluid contains large amounts of bacteria and other harmful substances. If we would put a drop of this fluid under a microscope, we would see moving fibres which are microbes in their initial state. It is particularly emphasized that our organism experiences a heightened metabolism during the treatment through which a lasting state of health can be achieved. One of the most visible signs are that loose teeth become steady, gums stop bleeding and teeth appear whiter. The treatment is to be performed best in the morning before breakfast. To speed up the process, this can be repeated twice a day, but always before eating and on an empty stomach. This way the organism is not harmed and the process is more rapid and effective. This treatment is to be continued until the person has reached their original strength, and health and refreshing sleep has been achieved. On rising one is to be feeling fresh without drooping eyes. One is to experience a good appetite, a restful sleep and no loss of memory.

Initially you may experience a worsening of the symptoms (which may include a rise in body temperature) while your body is healing. If for some reason one interrupts the treatment, the healing will stop. I also want to emphasize that the temporary worsening of the condition is a sign of healing.

Acute sicknesses often can be cured within 2 to 4 days. Chronic ailments may take quite a bit longer, possibly up to one year.

Wheatgrass Therapy

I have found wheatgrass to be the best therapy for us prairie people. You can look any direction in our growing season and wheat fields are everywhere. I started to grow and juice wheatgrass in January 2000. At that time I was taking about 15 different supplements. I tested them and I needed them but by March of 2000 after taking 1 - 2 oz daily of wheatgrass I was only testing to wheatgrass and acidophilus. This marvellous wheatgrass had slowly covered every nutritional hole I had been previously filling with supplements and I felt great. I had discovered by spending pennies a day and a little labour I had the best health in years. I also raised chickens at that time and they loved the sprouted wheat and root mats - the eggs were great. I have included instruction on how to grow this marvellous food. With a little dedication and a few inexpensive items you can achieve a healthy revitalized body.

Growing Wheatgrass

Soak 2 cups of organic spring wheat in water at least 12 hours.

Use 10 X 20 inch flats for planting and fill with 1/2peat moss and 1/2 garden or potting soil. I use to layer peat moss on the bottom than layer soil on top. Now I just mix the two together.

Drain water from soaking wheat and use the water to moisten the soil in the flat. I usually use about 2 to 3 cups of water depending on how moist the soil and peat moss is. Let sit to absorb moisture about 20 minutes.

Spread the wheat over the damp soil like you would butter bread, nice and thick but try not to overlap it too much.

Now I sprinkle about 1-2 cups of soil/peat moss mixture over kernels for this helps control mould growth.

Place a wet piece of newspaper over all and enclose in garbage bags for 3-4 days until you feel the sprouts pushing the paper up.

Take out of garbage bags and water with chamomile tea to prevent mould growth. I usually water around the outside and once down the middle and spray after.

I rotate the trays front to back daily for even growth and prevention of sunburn.

Wheatgrass can be cut after 7-10 days of planting and allowed to grow one more time.

Start with 1/2 oz daily and slowly increase to 1 oz if no health problems but if you are fighting a disease you may increase to many ounces. Go slowly as increasing too fast may cause nausea, fatigue and/or diarrhoea. Take before 3pm if you have sleep problems.

Castor Oil packs

The miracles of castor oil goes back centuries. You will find extensive information on the Internet if you are interested.

You would like to use castor oil packs because you apply them topically. This is a very safe method because your body will only absorb what it need. If you take it internally the body may not want it and this would stress the liver to remove it. So topically applied castor oils packs are safe to try.

I would like talk about how to apply and remove the castor oil packs.

Soak a cloth in castor oil. I often use an old face cloth or piece of towelling. Have it well saturated but not dripping with oil. Warm the cloth in a oven 150-200 degrees for a few minutes.

Place the cloth over your abdomen if using it to relieve constipation or over a painful joint to bring relief. Put plastic over the cloth followed by a towel. Now place the heat over this area, either a hot water bottle or heating pad.

20 minutes is usually long enough to leave the pack on. Remove the heat, towel, plastic and oil drenched cloth. Wash area with baking soda added to the water, about 1 tsp. to 2 cups of water. Castor oil is thick like honey and the baking soda helps to break it down.

Repeat daily if needed. Put the oil drenched cloth in the fridge and reuse up to 5-6 times. If you use a white cloth you will see it turn grey as it pulls toxins out of your body.

Again, this is safe to try. It may bring you relief where nothing else can. Of course if it burns or stings use common sense and remove immediately. You may be having a reaction to it, however unlikely but don't take chances.

Listen to your body, it will feel wonderful and soothing and you will know instinctively when you have had it on long enough. This is just another way I teach you to listen to your body. Look for signs as the body wants to be well in every way.

Your health is your right and your responsibility!

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